Happy New Day…

Happy new year folks! I sincerely wish you all the goodness that can possibly come your way in 2016. Blessings, gladness, goodness, joy, happiness, wealth, prosperity and all forms of positivity are yours to take this year.

I am writing this in the first hour of 2016. Amidst all the celebration, pomp, color and fireworks. I am watching live events of how thousands of Kenyans have chosen to usher in the year. With music, dancing and a dose of the Word. I am also well aware that thousands more are ushering 2016 from various entertainment spots. Be it fancy exclusive clubs or the neighborhood bars, these people are celebrating the arrival of 2016 the best way they know how.

When the clock hit midnight, shouts of joy rent the air. I could hear my neighbors, most of whom unfortunately I do not know, celebrating the fact that they are alive in 2016. All this is in  celebration the beginning of a new year. Kenyans are known to love life. I am sure the long weekend ahead will be enjoyed to the fullest. Food will be eaten, music will be danced to and all manner of reveling will be done.

But, this is just another night. There is nothing special about the 31st of December 2015 or any other 31st of December. There is no eclipse, the sun goes down as usual, the stars do not shine brighter than other nights, it is not even a full moon out there. Oh yeah, and for those that love sleeping, the night is still the same amount of hours like all nights. The sun will rise, as usual, at dawn.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that our culture understands times and seasons by organizing days into weeks, months, years, decades and centuries. And this makes sense. It organizes us. But we have absolutely no control of whether our lives will last for only days or more than a century. Some of us die minutes after birth while others live to be a hundred and thirty.

We will wake up on 1st of January 2016 with so much hope, joy and energy. We somehow believe that because we have found ourselves in a new year then everything will definitely get better, its like there is no other option but for things to look up. I am sorry to burst your bubbles folks, but there is no magic associated with the 1st of January. No special juju or vudu.

But there is hope. There is always hope. We may not have the power to determine when our lives will end, but we can choose and indeed live every minute that we do,with purpose, hope, joy and energy. Be it the 1st of January or 23rd of July, each day can be joyful, purposeful and hopeful.

The bottom line is, if we started every single day with half as much pomp and color that we invite 1st of January, then our lives will be truly fulfilling. Every day will be a happy new day!